jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011


hold an image of the ashtray girl of cigarette burns on my chestI wrote a poem that described her world, that put our friendship to a test and late at night whilst on all fours. She used to watch me kiss the floor. What's wrong with this picture?. What's wrong with this picture?. Farewell the ashtray girl. Forbidden snowflake beware this troubled worldWatch out for earthquakes. Goodbye to open sores, to broken semaphores. You know we miss her, we miss her picture. Sometimes it's faded, disintegrated for fear of growing old.

3 comentarios:

Miss_Scarlett dijo...

me ha gustado este texto! un besito guapa! :)

Aguus dijo...

Muy lindo lo que acabo de leer, que obviamente lo escribiste vos jaaja, me gusta mucho tu manera de escribir!
Espero que andes bien. Besos :)

Florencia dijo...

Es un gran texto y una hermosa foto.

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